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Mysteryville: detective story

St. Petersburg, Russia, March 29, 2012. Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer, announced the release of Mysteryville: detective story - an intriguing mix of hidden object adventures, exciting puzzles and a thrilling investigation.

The plot of the game is quite extreme. Experienced journalist Laura Winner comes to a small town to write an article. But suspicious circumstances turn change her plans and she spirals into a thrilling detective story. All the cats are missing and Laura is determined to figure out the riddles surrounding Mysteryville. She explores the town and meet with variety of odd and mysterious residents. With each puzzle she solves the closer she gets to figuring out Mysteryville’s big secret and save the missing felines.

Mysteryville is a classic hidden object game. The gameplay is smooth and addictive. Each location provides multiple item-based puzzles to solve. Puzzles consist of finding objects of a particular type, locating miscellaneous items from a list, unearthing things based on their silhouettes, and locating the bits and pieces that differ in two identical side-by-side scenes. Criminal story comes through 21 items. Other pleasant features include unique characters, sharp graphics and a wide variety of different locations that will draw you into Mysteryville’s mysterious atmosphere!

Main features:
- Classic hidden object searches
- Unpredictable adventure from Nevosoft
- Mysterious detective story
- Addictive gameplay
- Sharp graphics and truly unique characters

Mysteryville is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Chinese.

Mysteryville Google Play link:
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About Nevosoft
Nevosoft is a leading casual game developer and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe based in St. Petersburg, Russia. It delivers downloadable and online entertainment software for various platforms. Nevosoft was founded in 2002 and is internationally renowned for its best selling, award-winning games like My Kingdom for the Princess I, II & III, Mushroom Age, Mysteryville I & II, Christmasville, Supercow and about 25 more.

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