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The Russian mobile gaming market is one of the most interesting yet most challenging markets in the world. Huge capacity and fast growth make the Russian market extremely attractive for the majority of game developers and publishers around the world. But local consumer mentality and market pitfalls make working in this market both problematic and risky.

Many developers know about the Asian boom and are focusing on China, South Korea and Japan, but they’re missing out one of most lucrative iOS/Android gaming markets. While Russia still lags behind the West in smartphone penetration, quick adoption translates to an expanding market. According to Distimo, revenues from the Apple App Store for iPhone in Russia grew by 115% in 2012, while Google Play’s revenues rose by a whopping 250%. In the first quarter of 2013 the Russian Google Play moved into fourth place in terms of total downloads by country, while Russian iPad owners spend on average 20% more than Germans.

The Russian market is more than just Russia. There are more than 260 million native Russian speakers living in Russia, the x-USSR and Israel, as well as, large expat populations all over the world. This fragmentation is just one of the pitfalls of the market. Success requires a wide range of payment options and intelligent marketing techniques. Localization is also key. More than 80% of revenue come from games that have been translated and adapted for the Russian audience.

Nevosoft has over 11 years of experience working on the Russian market. We know all the buttons to push and levers to pull to get games exposure. We spread press releases, get them reviewed on popular web-sites, and send out newsletters all in Russian. We know all key players in Russian media. Our position has always been strong on the Russian market. We continue leverage the company’s downloadable portal,, which remains one of the leading portals in Russia and Eastern Europe. It continues to be good resource because many of our faithful PC gamers have crossed over and are now playing on mobile devices.

When it comes to social networks, we’ve got the right connections. Only 3% of Russians are using Facebook. They prefer Russian networks like VKontakte, Ondoklassniki, and Moi Mir. Nevosoft has top social games in all these networks with a growing user base of over million players that provide high quality traffic. Likewise, Nevosoft was one of the first companies to work with Russian app stores like new Odnoklassniki app store and

When it comes to mobile games in Russian, we know the rules and strategy to launching games, we understand the players, we have the payment options, we speak the language, and we have all the right connections. According to App Annie, companies usually get 1-2% of their revenue from the Russian App Store, we’re getting around 20%. To non-Russians, the Russian market may look risky or low priority, but really it’s one that you’re likely ignoring at your own peril. We’re already working with over 10 companies to bring their game to the Russian market. Why not join them so we can reach the top together?

Our services include:

1. Comprehensive Release Preparation

  • High quality translations that adapt your game’s plot for the Russian audience
  • Possible artistic changes to adapt your game for the Russian audience
  • Selecting the best possible Russian name for your game
    Quality Assurance
  • Testing for possible bugs and errors in gameplay
  • Testing the game on various devices
  • Testing the game on various operating systems and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7)
    Promotional Texts in Russian
  • Game descriptions
  • Press-releases
  • Various length game overviews (1500, 1000, 500, 200 symbols) for specialized sites
    Marketing Art in Russian
  • Screenshots with taglines in Russian (these screenshots are not just screen captures, but unique promotional materials which highlight the game’s assets)
  • Game Icons. Typically we create a wide range of icons and then select the best one based on analytics. The icon is extremely important for the game’s success because it is typically the first thing a potential player sees before deciding if they should download it
  • AdNetwork banners
  • Banners for iTunes, Google Play, and other partners
    Promotional Videos
  • The creation and distribution of an in-game trailer on YouTube and other sites
  • Some games may be featured in Nevosoft promotional video clips and podcasts
  • Designing and Creating the Game’s Page on the Company’s web-sites

2. Game Launch and Marketing

  • Submitting game reviews and communicating with editors of high profile sites
  • Promotion in the Nevosoft Newsletter, electronic distribution to our client database of over 500 thousand addresses
  • Placing cross-promotion in other games
  • Sending out press-releases (over 700 of mass media sources in our database)
  • Cross-promoting via other games’ descriptions
  • Price marketing

3. Twenty-Four Hour Technical Support in Russian

Our experienced support experts work round-the-clock to address the technical issues and reply to users as soon as possible.

To discuss the publishing terms for your game, please, contact us at !

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My Kingdom for the Princess
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