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February 8-9. The Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference, the only international event in Eastern Europe devoted exclusively to the development and marketing of mobile games, attracted more than 600 developers, publishers and other game industry professionals from 270 companies.


June 14-15. The White Nights: Mobile Games Conference 2012, the largest international conference in Russia about the development and marketing of mobile games took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. More than 300 professionals took part at the event. Experienced speakers reviewed case studies and discussed industry trends. Representatives from leading mobile platforms spoke in addition to vendors, mobile publishers and popular mobile game developers. The conference was hosted by Nevosoft, a leading Russian game publisher and developer.

January. Nevosoft announced its intention to invest $2 mln in mobile games.

January. Nevosoft launched its first game on Android.


September 1. Nevosoft launched The website provides important news regarding the mobile application market and promotion of apps. The project’s primary audience consists of developers, mobile marketing managers and anyone interested in mobile games industry.

Nevosoft added a new mobile phone payment solution for downloadable casual games on

Nevosoft launched its first game on App Store. By the end of the year the company published more than 20 titles, most of which reach the top charts in different countries.

My Kingdom for the Princess III (PC) won a 2011 Nevosoft Players’ Choice Award for Best Sim/Time Management Game and the Big Fish Games’ Customer Choice Award fpr Best Time Management Game of 2011.

LandGrabbers (PC) was named the Best Casual Game of the Year at the 2011 Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI 2011).


December. Nevosoft launched Nevosoft Players’ Choice Award. Every year the winners of Nevosoft Players’ Choice Awards are determined through two rounds open voting. Nevosoft Players’ Choice Awards are bestowed upon the game developers, who developed the winning titles in one of three categories: Best Hidden Object/Adventure Game, Best Puzzle Game and Best Sim/Time Management Game.

December. My Kingdom for the Princess II (PC) won the 2010 Nevosoft Players’ Choice Award for the Best Sim/Time Management Game. 

July. became the biggest social network of casual game players. Registered users can make friends, write on each other’s walls, write game reviews and discuss them.

February. Nevosoft was the first Russian casual game portal that started 24/7 technical support, thus providing the most extensive customer support in Russian in the casual game industry. User questions can now be answered at a convenient time for the customer, regardless of where in the world they are located. To ensure faster and more effective around the clock service, the company started a Technical Support Department, equipped with programs developed by Nevosoft. was recognized as the best Russian language web-site at 2010 Russian Entertainment Awards. It was also named a Golden Entertainment Web-Site at the IX All Russian Internet Competition.


Nevosoft developed My Kingdom for the Princess, a game that combines classic elements of strategy, simulator and time management. It was a completely new genre and the game attained high ratings on top international game portals. 


Nevosoft launched Game Boss, the first open partner network for game distributors in Russian with free registration. It provided the company with a broad distribution network.


Nevosoft started selling its content via SMS payments. As of 2009 more than 90% of casual game purchases in Russia are made with the use of SMS payment.

Nevosoft was an early pioneer in using character dialogues to create an engaging plot that wove various mini-games and hidden objects hunts together with a common storyline. Mysteryville, released in 2006, was one of the first hidden object casual games to utilize this technique. Mysteryville remained in RealArcade’s Top 10 of for 153 days. RealArcade at the time was the world's largest distribution portal for casual games.


During the early stages of the casual games market in Russia, Nevosoft started to create quality games with a high level of graphics like Wonderlines and Dynasty. Nevosoft was one of the first developers to use "live" animated backgrounds. Later this innovation became the standard for similar games.


The official website was launched. Latter it will become the largest social network of casual players.


Nevosoft was founded.


New games

Holy War
Holy War
The struggle between good and evil will be endless... unless you decide to enter the war.
Voque Tales
Voque Tales
While playing you will learn to sew on fancy bows and fur collars, combine colors and choose the best design sketches.
My Kingdom for the Princess
My Kingdom for the Princess
With its amazing gameplay that combines time management, strategy and simulation loved by many, along with new characters, and an entertaining plot, this game is guaranteed to excite even the most seasoned players.
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